On The Issues


Filemon Vela recognizes the service of veterans to this nation.  He believes that we owe our military members the care and compensation consistent with the sacrifices they and their families made for our nation.  

Health Care

Community Health Centers and the Affordable Care Act are vital to providing access to health care for South Texas families. Congressman Vela is fighting against efforts to weaken these programs and fighting to expand coverage.


Providing our next generation with a great education is essential to ensuring the success of our region and our nation. Congressman Vela supports resources for schools and students at all levels, including Head Start for pre-K, Title 1 through high school, and federal loans and grants students seeking higher education. Vela also advocates for federal research funding to help expand opportunities for our colleges and universities in South Texas.


Congressman Vela is an outspoken advocate for immigrant communities. He supports protecting Dreamers, treating migrants with dignity, and providing a fair pathway to citizenship.


We need a strong agriculture industry that meets the needs of American consumers is essential for South Texas. With an annual impact of over $2 Billion, agriculture is a critical economic driver for Texas’ 34th Congressional District.  As a top member of the House Agriculture Committee, Filemon Vela fights for the interest of Texas producers and to ensure all Americans, especially our most vulnerable, have access to affordable, nutritious food. 


The 34th Congressional District is one of the only districts in the nation with land ports, sea ports, and airports.  These facilities along with roads and highways connecting them are critical to support our economy.  Water needs in South Texas range from flood control and drought protection to clean water and ecosystem restoration.  Congressman Vela works to ensure our infrastructure is ready to meet the current needs of residents and is upgraded to support the future growth of one of the fastest growing regions in the nation. 


Filemon Vela understands the importance of a strong defense both to South Texas and our national security. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, he actively supports the missions of Naval Air Station Kingsville, Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, and Corpus Christi Army Depot, and troops deployed across the globe.

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